Why Money Rules Our Entire Life

Money is everything because we spend our whole lives seeking more and more of these wonderful coins and pieces of paper. We all want more and more money and seek the freedom and choices that having money offers.

I found a very interesting and informative article on Exploring Your Relationship with Money which goes into detail about how we think about money, and how assessing our relationship with money is a prelude to (and I quote) first step in making personal and global transformations.

One of the interesting things I took from this article is the indulgence of money as an alternative to expressing love. We all buy cards, flowers, and presents to those who mean something to us. We do this exclusively for loved ones therefore our spending money is an expression of feeling and acceptance. If you do not fully buy into this idea, then consider how many times you have bought an enemy anything.

Everything costs money. People are driven by an insatiable demand to have more. I will discuss and explore specifically whether or not we have the right attitude towards money in later articles, but there is little doubt some people base their entire existence on the pursuit and retention of money and wealth. Consider people like Richard Branson and others who are well-known for their wealth. The way they carry themselves and the confidence they have are based on their success and their wealth.

My relationship with money is different to other people I know. I am very much of the type of person who views money as security. I enjoy the feeling of success having earned it and enjoy the feeling of security knowing I can afford things should I need them. I am not a large spender although that is because I am careful with what I have. If someone passed me £100,000 I would find it easy to spend some of that! The more I have the more secure I feel and that urges me to save more and spend less. This attitude is shaped by previous experiences and the fact that I have learned what happens and how it feels when you have nothing. Those who have not experienced this will spend freely with the (perhaps wrong) belief that money will continue to flow to them as it always has before. Rich kids are the typical example of this type of behaviour. Try telling an 18 year old that a credit card is bad. Until they experience the month after month after month of paying off a bill the lesson cannot be taught, it must be lived.

I often imagine what it would be like to not be striving to make money either through work or this second business, to live somewhere remote in a self-sufficient home and concentrate on just living. What would the interests be? What would we do as a family all day? Similar to a life with abundant money, the moment you got a lot of it you would suddenly lose a sense that it holds importance. The paradox of money is that it loses importance the more of it you have.

The secret to making sure your relationship with money is healthy is to focus on the other areas of your life that are important and maintain a good balance. Money is important, but relationships, health, fitness and other things are also important. Lynne Twist sums up perfectly when she says “When our money life aligns with our heart and soul, that’s financial wellness, that’s prosperity,” Whilst you should be focused, there is a line you should not cross that you become totally obsessed. It is my belief that you must be happy with moderate money to ever hope to be really happy with abundant wealth.

Source: Malcolm Clarke

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