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Why Price Action Trading is the Best Way to Make Money in the Forex Market

Forex price action trading can be defined as trade decision making based upon chart price patterns, the patterns being created by traders simultaneous reactions, to news and world events. Price action trading, is then, a study of human emotion depicted in the Forex price charts and presented to the trader in the form of price patterns, which repeat over and over again across all time frames and all currency pairs. Before I discuss in detail why trading using price is the way you should trade Forex, I […]

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How and When to Use the ADMI Forex Indicator to Maximize Profit

Forex trade is a very risky business if you don’t know what you are doing, some people just trade based on signals from their friends, why not know how to generate these signals yourself? You can first practice with a combination of three or more indicators, now I will explain how to use some of them. First the ADMI, this simply means average directional movement index, this is a technical tool that can be used to read the market of a currency pair in forex trading. The […]

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How to Start Your Own Forex Signal Website Business

Forex trading is getting more and more popular among retail traders. Every day we see advertising on television and online. The truth is that Forex trading is not easy task to do is very obvious for those who have been trading currencies for at least few months. Everyone will agree that it is hard to fight against the huge Foreign Exchange market. And it is even harder to earn money in Forex trading in the long run. That is why 95% of the Forex traders are struggling […]

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Forex Strategy: Fundamental Vs Technical Currency Analysis

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Chances are, if you’re just getting started analyzing currencies, you have a long list of questions: What is currency analysis? What are the different ways to analyze Forex assets? And how will my analysis inform my trading efforts? These are important questions to answer, and it’s probably best to start with a quick definition of currency analysis. In the simplest terms, currency analysis is the study of economic factors that affect exchange rates, as well as researching historical market data. Essentially, a day trader’s goal is to […]

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Forex 12 Major Currency Pairs – What Are They & How Can You Profit From Them?

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By sticking to the most popular pairs in Forex (called the MAJORS) you know you’ve got the most liquidity: PAIR CURRENCIES (NICKNAME) EUR / USD Euro / US Dollar (Fiber) USD / JPY US Dollar / Japanese Yen (Gopher) GBP / USD UK Sterling / US Dollar (Cable) USD / CHF US Dollar / Swiss Franc (Swizzy) USD / CAD US Dollar / Canadian Dollar (Loonie) AUD / USD Australian Dollar / US Dollar (Aussie) NZD / USD New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar (Kiwi) Some currency […]

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3 Ways Forex Brokers Play Games On You

Although, Forex brokers are supposed to work with you and help you to be successful in the Forex market, some unscrupulous brokers try to play games on you. Here are some of the ways in which the brokers play games on you: Marking Up The PIP Forex brokers are supposed to transfer orders to the banks and then get commissions for every order that they transfer. Commissions are the only way in which the brokers earn money. There are some brokers who add an extra PIP to […]

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How Currency Is Used to Make Money with Forex

We all have our someday. You know what I’m talking about. It’s those times when you say “Someday” I’m going to, We fill in the blank with buy a boat, take a vacation overseas, buy a Hummer, or move to a bigger house. But somehow, life always seems to get in the way and someday goes on hold. Investing in Forex can help you make your someday a reality. No matter if you’re young or old, rich or poor, investment savvy or not, you can make money […]

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How to Choose the Best Forex Currency Market

If you’re not sure how the Forex currency market works and you don’t know all the little details that can make or break you, then it’s best that you start out by choosing just one currency rather than two or three. One currency refers to currency pairs such as the United States Dollar and the Euro (USD/EUR). By the way, the USD is still the most widely traded currency. So how do you know which currency pair is the best one for you to pick? You would […]

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Trade Forex Like a Pro

Even if you currently work forty hours or more at a day job, you still have time to learn how to trade Forex with the same know-how as a professional trader. It doesn’t take much time at all to learn how to trade Forex. First, a little information about what the Forex market is. The Forex market is the largest, most often traded market in the world (the volume is in the trillions of dollars) and because you can trade any time of the day or night, […]

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What Is the Best Forex Trading Strategy?

As with any kind of market trading, the first thing you should do is make sure you know your bottom line-where your stop signs are. Have a limit set firmly in place and as the saying goes,know when to fold ’em. When you’ve hit your goal profit or loss limit, walk away. Forex trading, because of the high probability to earn a great amount of profit in a short amount of time, can be addicting to anyone, so put up safeguards to keep yourself from falling into […]

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The Smart Way to Trade: Automated Forex Trading

When something is automated, especially by machine, it’s taking over what used to be done by a human being. Think about those automated phone systems you run across almost on a daily basis. Yes, they can be difficult to use, but not if you give it the correct input. If you push the right button, you get your results much faster and you get the right information when you need it the most. With this automated Forex trading, if you input the correct insight-your knowledge of the […]

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Precautions to Take When You Start Forex Trading

When you start a business no matter what it is you need to be cautious. Until you gain experience you must not be carefree. When it comes to forex trading precautions are of utmost importance because if you neglect on them you might lose big. The following are some of the important precautions you need to concentrate on. Start trading with just one currency pair Though there are lots of currency pairs on which you could do your trading it is not a wise thing to try […]

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