5 Easy to Learn 1 Minute Forex Scalping Systems That Make Money Instantly Anytime You Want!

These are five 1 minute forex scalping systems that have been developed and tested over many years by veteran forex traders. You can use anyone of these five 1 minute forex scalping systems to make money anytime you want instantly.

Most of the time the markets are moving sideways. Rather something like almost 80% of the time, the market is consolidating and moving sideways. So, the market is trending only 20% of the time. When there is no trend present in the market and the market is moving sideways without any clear direction, scalping is the best trading strategy.

Scalping means quickly entering and exiting the market with the aim of making a few pips each time to make a trade. However, you need to keep this in mind that there is a cost to each trade that you make. You pay this cost in the shape of the spread. The spread is the hidden commission that the broker charges each time you enter the market.

So, let's assume, the bid / ask spread is 2 pips. So you will have to pay 2 pips on opening the trade and 2 pips on closing the trade. In other words, your cost of making the trade will be 4 pips. Now, if you are scalping the market, you should make at least 10 pips so that your cost of trading that is 4 pips is also covered and you get at least a decent profit in the shape of 6 pips.

6 pips NET PROFIT per trade means you will have to make at least 5-10 scalping trades in order to make at least 30-60 pips in a day. Now, using these 5 1 minute fx scalping systems, you can make as many trades as you want and come out a winner almost more than 90% of the time.

You can use any one of the fx scalping system. Each forex system has been explained in a step by step detail. You can understand each fx system with easy to follow instructions and the exact time and place of entry.

Now, these forex scalping systems are manual and mechanical trading systems. You only need at least $ 250 in your broker account to start making money with these fx systems. Most scalping systems do not use stop loss. But these forex scalping systems all use a stop loss of between 3-7 pips per trade. This makes these trades very low risk.

Use anyone of these five forex scalping systems to make up to 50-100 pips daily with a very low risk. You can purchase these five systems for a low price of $ 49 which I believe is unfair as these 1 minute forex systems are real hidden gems and should not be sold so cheap. Plus the developer of these five forex scalping systems is giving you two complete months as a no questioned money back guarantee so that you can try these five forex scalping systems on your demo account and see either they really work or not!

Source: Ahmad A Hassam

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