3 Ways to Make Fast Money Online Starting With a 100 Pound Investment

Fast ways to make money online are hard to come by and quite often involve some sort of gambling or they turn out not to be legitimate business opportunities. The title of this article is 3 ways to make fast money online, so today that is exactly what I am going to offer you and yes some of them are gambling systems and some of them are great business opportunities. But they all work and with little knowledge and you can try them out in a demo mode first.


This is a very simple system that involves placing a 1 chip bet on either red or black if it wins then take the profit and put a 1 chip bet on the opposite color if it loses then double up on the same bet and keep doubling up until it wins. Once it wins you simply bet again just 1 chip on the opposite color if "0" comes in then count that as being a loss and simply double up again. This is a great way to make fast money online but I would advise starting with at least £ 100.


For this method of trading you need to have market charts available. Most trading platforms will provide these for you. Once you have your charts you need to set them for 1 minute candle stick setting. On the chart add two simple moving averages one set at 10 and one set at 20. When the moving averages cross this shows short term change of direction and a way of making fast money is to make a bet that the trend will continue on its new trend for 10 pips or until the moving averages cross back over. For fast ways to make money I would recommend starting with £ 100 and betting £ 2 a pip this will give you potential profits of £ 20 per MA cross over.


There are loads of programs on the internet that will pay you to resell their memberships, for people to make money with Twitter. The programs normally offer to generate loads of automated followers and at the same time market their program to your followers all automated and within the spam regulations of Twitter. This is a great way to make fast money online if you have about £ 37 for your monthly fee and a couple of hours each day to update your twitter account.

Article by: Adam Woods

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