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E-Mini Trading: Candlesticks Are Great, But I Prefer Renko Bars

I've been spending some time in recent articles describing different e-mini charting techniques. Specifically, we have been looking at different methodologies to display raw price data. We have discussed candlestick charting, range bar charting, and tick charts. This article will deal with one of my favorite topics and most used charting technique. We will be discussing Renko bars. My e-mini trading style is devoted exclusively to scalping, or carving out small chunks of price movement in a leader trend. As a scalper, I try to limit the […]

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I Have Money to Invest, What Should I Do? An Unorthordox Way of Investing Your Money

If I have money to invest; what should I do to ensure I get returns but also put myself in line to actually make big returns once in a while? The answer to that very valid question is that you will probably have to look at something unorthodox as your investment options, since the obvious investment vehicles are in fact obvious for a reason. Nothing extraordinary will come of the usual stuff. You may make a comfortable income and actually even reach financial freedom, but opportunities are […]

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Options Trading – 5 Interesting Facts About Stock Options

When people refer to options trading they could actually be referring to a number of different securities. Options are traded on all types of securities (forex, commodities, stocks, etc.), but for the purpose of this article I will only be referring to stock options. Here are 5 interesting facts about options trading that most traders never realize: Fact 1: Most people never know who actually creates stock options. Heck, I traded for years before I found out the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) issues all listed options at […]

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